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  • Representative sampling: An analysis is only as good as the sample submitted. Every effort should be made to insure that a good representative sample is taken. Go to the following link for more information:
  • Payment: Proper payment must accompany all samples at the time of submittal. Failure to provide payment will result in your analyses being held until proper payment is received.
  • Confidentiality: Analab holds your data in confidence. Test results will only be released to those named on the sample information sheet that accompanies the sample.
  • Samples lost or damaged in transit: Analab is not responsible for samples that may become lost or damaged during shipping. If a sample arrives damaged and the sample information sheet is still intact, we will notify you and decide upon the best course of action.
  • Sample Handling Fee: Analab provides service to a wide variety of clientele from across the globe submitting a diverse array of samples. Often, samples of atypical size or composition require additional handling and processing to prepare the sample for analysis. An additional fee may be applied at our discretion and without notice to any samples requiring additional handling as determined by our staff.
  • Pricing: All prices are per sample. Prices and services subject to change without notification.