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How many samples do I submit for a sample analysis?
When submitting samples, one pound should be feasible.

How do I send a sample?
When you send samples, please use a plastic Ziploc bag to store wet or dry samples.

Can I access the results?
You can access results through email, fax or mail.

How do I send a water sample?
All water samples need to be sent within 24 hours because bacteria counts may propagate during this time period.

I have a problem placing manure samples in my freezer. Is there another alternative?
Freezing manure is a necessary process in order to prevent marked changes in the composition of the sample and reduce microbial activity.

How much water do I send for a test?
Send at least 8 oz. of water for testing.

Should I take any precautions when sending manure samples?
Manure samples should always be frozen before shipping. The container and lid should be securely sealed to prevent spillage during the transit.

Can all samples be analyzed by Near Infrared Reflectance Spectroscopy (NIR)?
Not all samples can be analyzed by NIR because it can only analyze previously calibrated samples.

How often should farms test their water?
Farms should test their water annually.

What are manure samples tested for?
We test manure samples for fertilizers and nutritional issues.

Is there a limit to testing sample matrices?
Yes, we test up to 60 individual analysis on some samples.