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About Analab

Our Goal

Analab’s professional staff continues to gain an understanding of:

  • The complex interactions of minerals. What is the relationship of each mineral to another and how do these interactions affect energy and protein utilization?
  • Molecular technology to determine the most effective bacteria and enzymes in forage fermentation, preservation and Direct Fed Microbial (DFM) feed additives.
  • Optimal feed efficiency for a cleaner environment via reduction of animal waste.
  • The impact of proportions and types of end products of fermentations on absorption and efficient nutrient utilization.

Our Firsts

  • Utilize Near Infra-red technology (NIR) for samples
  • Utilize X-Ray Spectrometer for analyzing minerals
  • Keep artificial rumens alive past 30 days. Those rumens are still viable today.
  • Develop analyses for starch and lignin
  • Develop NIR calibration sets for amino acids
  • Routinely analyze for electrolytes to balance cation/anion ratios
  • Identify In-Vitro Dry Matter Digestibility (IVDMD) in forages
  • Test for 6-carbon sugars
  • Patent-pending sample drying technology
  • Test for 6-carbon sugars routinely by NIR in all forages


  • Sample Prep: Analab analyzes over 70,000 samples annually. Samples currently arrive from North America, Europe and Asia. Instrumentation (NIR and X-ray analyses) is completed the same day as sample arrival (By 8 p.m. CST) and, if needed, any remaining wet chemistry is performed and completed by 8 a.m. the following day.
  • Sample Dry Technology: Unique, patent-pending, drying technology is used which maintains the integrity of the sample (no burning of the sample occurs). Wet forage samples (up to 0.5 lb. per sample) are dried and ready for grinding in 90 minutes. This drying technology will allow, Agri-King, Analab’s sister company, to offer “same day” ration balancing for nutrition clients.
  • Near Infrared Technology (NIR): All calibrations are produced, maintained and managed by Analab, other labs outsource their calibration sets. Calibrations are always being updated to reflect new crop genetics, geographical areas, and environmental conditions. Up to 60 individual analyses can be performed on some sample matrices.
  • X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF): XRF is currently used to analyze 12 elements – Al, Ca, Cl, Cu, Fe, K, Mg, Mn, Na, P, S and Zn – on forages and grains. Allows for direct anion/cation balancing of Agri-King client diets, since the early 1990s.
  • Wet Chemistry: Nitrate-nitrogen testing is performed on all forage samples. Individual sugar testing is available. Amino acid testing is available on grains and forages. Water testing is performed. An annual water test is recommended.