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Production Lab

Production Lab

Analab analyzes approximately 70,000 forage and feedstuff samples per year and has instrumental and wet chemistry capabilities allowing us to maintain in-house calibrations.



Analab’s microbiology department can detect bacterias, molds, and yeasts that could be causing problems on your operation.

Research & Development

Research & Development

Since 1993, Analab has continuously maintained live artificial rumens used for digestibility analyses and product development.

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Analab scientists utilize nearly 200 years of combined experience and state-of-the-art technology (including ICP, X-ray, NIR, ELSD, HPLC, CE and artificial rumens) to analyze and predict the on-farm availability and digestibility of nutrients in feedstuffs received from around the world.

Analab also uses this experience and technology to research and develop products which help increase feed efficiency and the profitability of livestock producers.

ANALAB was the first to

  • Utilize x-ray technology to analyze for forage minerals
  • Develop analyses for starch and lignin
  • Routinely analyze for electrolytes to balance cation/anion ratios
  • Develop NIR calibration sets for amino acids
  • Regularly utilize manure analyses for problem solutions

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